Writed by Dale McGowan | Number of Pages: 290 pages

TitleParenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion
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ISBN review0814474268
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Total page290 pages
WriterDale McGowan, Michael Shermer
Geekerella, An Irish, Prooi, The Beachside, Prooi, The Complete, The God, Too Many, Don't Stop, A Greyhound
Foreword by Michael Shermer, Ph.D.

Contributors include Richard Dawkins, Penn Jillette, Julia Sweeney, and Dr. Donald B. Ardell

It's hard enough to live a secular life in a religious world. And bringing up children without religious influence can be even more daunting. Despite the difficulties, a large and growing number of parents are choosing to raise their kids without religion.

In Parenting Beyond Belief, Dale McGowan celebrates the freedom that comes with raising kids without formal indoctrination and advises parents on the most effective way to raise freethinking children.

With advice from educators, doctors, psychologists, and philosophers as well as wisdom from everyday parents, the book offers tips and insights on a variety of topics, from "mixed marriages" to coping with death and loss, and from morality and ethics to dealing with holidays. Sensitive and timely, Parenting Beyond Belief features reflections from such freethinkers as Mark Twain, Richard Dawkins, Bertrand Russell, and wellness guru Dr. Don Ardell that will empower every parent to raise both caring and independent children without constraints.
  • At the Edge of the Universe
  • Don't Stop Me Now
  • A Greyhound, A Groundhog
  • Too Many Carrots
  • Saving Sailor: A Quirky Girl, A Faithful Dog, and One Unforgettable Summer (A.J., #1)
  • Prooi
  • Geekerella: A Fangirl Fairy Tale
  • Tam O'Shanter
  • Introducing Darwin: A Graphic Guide (Introducing...)
  • An Irish Country Doctor (Irish Country #1)
  • Anansi Boys (American Gods, #2)
  • Destroy Me (Shatter Me, #1.5)
  • The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 17: 1983-1984
  • The Girl on the Train
  • A Simple Proposition
  • All Things Beautiful
  • The Beachside Sweet Shop
  • The God Complex